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11 Holiday Gifts from EleVen

If you haven't finished your holiday shopping, you are not alone.


According to a 2015 survey by the National Retail Federation, only about 10 percent of people said they had finished with their holiday shopping by December 15, which meant that a whopping 90 percent of shoppers still had gifts left to buy.  In fact, over 10 percent of people said they were planning to wait until as late as December 23 to complete all of their holiday shopping.


Why do so many people wait until mid- to late-December to purchase all the items on their shopping list?


According to the survey, the biggest reason people waited to finish their shopping was that they were still trying to figure out what to buy.


To help you solve your holiday shopping dilemmas and find something for everyone on your list, we’ve compiled these 11 great holiday gifts from EleVen:

  1. The Primitive Dots Slouch Bag is the perfect carryall for the on-the-go people on your list.


  1. Any lady on your gift list will enjoy keeping warm in the Floral Brocade Slow Burn Jacket, which features a dramatically beautiful and original floral print.


  1. The tennis ace on your list will appreciate the Primitive Dots Tennis Backpack.


  1. The EleVen Pendant makes a perfect gift for those people on your list who are better than a 10, better than the best.


  1. A great headband can be a perfect stock stuffer.


  1. Consider giving a beautiful and high-performance dress like the Ribbon Dress.


  1. The Swathe Leggings are a truly unique and stylish gift.


  1. The Epiphany Hang Loose pants are perfect for relaxing.


  1. A visor is a great way to show you care about protecting your loved one’s skin from the sun.


  1. The Smooth Leggings always look sleek.


  1. The Floral Brocade Tailored Tote is perfectly polished.