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Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Megan Roosevelt

Posted on August 16 2014

Do you have a fun vacation planned this summer? Whether it’s a road trip, camping or even a trip to the neighborhood pool, summer is full of go-go-go moments. To keep energy levels up, feeling great and nourish our body, Registered Dietitian and “Healthy Grocery Girl” Megan Roosevelt shares 5 healthy snack ideas to fuel your days.

1. Fresh fruit! Fruit contains fiber and water, which helps us feel full and satisfied. Choose fruit that is easy to eat on the go such as bananas and apples versus oranges (which can drip and be sticky). Fruit also contains antioxidants and vitamin C which both support a healthy immune system. Rest stops, hotels, it's easy to be exposed to excess germs when traveling. So eating healthy items such as fruit is a great way to keep everyone feeling great. 

2. Make your own trail mix. This is a great way to get the kids involved. Buy a variety of plain nuts (avoid the sugar coasted or salted options), dried fruit (avoid the sugar coated dried fruit) and favorite crackers or low sugar cereal (choose options that contain fiber and are void of any artificial ingredients). Mix together all the ingredients and portion out into 1/2 cup servings in single serve bags.

3. Dried Apples or Apple Chips. These are a great choice when you're craving something sweet or crunchy. As with all dried fruit, looks for options where "fruit" is the only ingredient and there are no added sugars. Fruit chips or dried fruit provide the body with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

4. Coconut Water. A great way to hydrate and is a great alternative to soda. Coconut water contains electrolytes, potassium and vitamin C. If plain coconut water is not appealing in taste, try some of the new options that contain added real fruit juice such as lemon. These choices will still be better than sugary soda, and will actually hydrate, not dehydrate the body, with more flavor than plain water. 

5. Ready to Eat / Just Add Water Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a great quick breakfast when you're on the road, camping or staying in a hotel room. All you need is hot water! Look for options that are low in sugar and already have some filling additives such as nuts and seeds. Or you can simply add your own! Be mindful to choose ready to eat to eat oatmeal packets that are low in sugar. You can even slice fresh fruit such as bananas or apples and add on top or mix in almond or peanut butter!


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